Grain: Hard Red Winter Wheat 

Variety:  Steir 5210

Field:  Grapewood Tree Farm A, Tree Farm B


Protein 8.7% Gluten 23% Falling # 345


This crop was naturally grown in a (previously conventional) transition field using certified organic practices.  No herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or artificial chemicals were used. 


The class of wheat is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins.  It is more reddish in color than the soft red.  Most often a source of superior flour for bread products.



Note: Because this stone ground product contains bran and wheat germ oils, this flour will not store for as long as commercially available processed options. We mill fresh within a couple days of shipping, so we recommend only purchasing amounts you will use within a few months. For best results please keep your flour in an airtight container and store in refrigerator or freezer.

Natural Hard Wheat Flour