While Soft Red Wheat is commonly grown in the mid-Atlantic region, this variety was chosen for its adabtability in our organic system with superior yield and baking quality. With a mild nutty flavor and excellent gluten strength it is most typically used in cakes, muffins or pastries. 


Grain: 2021 Soft Red Winter Wheat (Certified Naturally Grown by CNG)

Variety: Pioneer 26r10

Field:  Grapewood Farm Deep Point B

Protein 8.0%    Gluten 20.7%    Falling # 303


Unsifted whole and sifted flour (#90, #70 and #50) available online in 1 kg and 2 kg heat sealed bags.  For orders in larger amounts (in 10kg or 20kg bags) or other questions please contact info@grapewoodfarm.com.


Note:  This fresh product contains bran and wheat germ oils.  For best results please keep your flour in an airtight container (our bags have zippers) and store in refrigerator or freezer.

Soft Red Wheat Flour