An ancient grain similar to wheat with gluten structure that makes it more easily digested than other wheat varieties. It has a creamy yellow blond color, a rich nutty flavor and is an excellent source of dietary fiber.  Yields a beautiful flour suitable for wide variety of uses.


Grain: 2022 Organic Spelt (Certified by PCO)

Variety: Sungold

Protein 13.2%    Gluten 30.1%   Falling # 304


Unsifted whole and sifted flour (#90 and #70) available online in 1 kg and 2 kg heat sealed bags.  For orders in larger amounts (in 10kg or 20kg bags), in custom sifts (#50, #20, cracked meal, etc), or any  other questions please contact


Note:  For best results we suggest you store in refrigerator or freezer.

Sungold Spelt Flour