Virginia Grown, Virginia Ground

Grapewood Farm is located in the historic Northern Neck, outside the town of Montross, VA along the waters of the Potomac river. Established in 1996, the current 450 acres property includes 120 acres farm land, new barn and mill, mixed wood lots, wildlife set asides, wildflower meadows, streams, ponds and river land. 

Owned and operated by the Sachs family (Fred, Cathy, Peter and David) Grapewood Farm is committed to the good stewardship of the land and our community by raising organic small grains and milling stone ground flour.  Our principal crops are varieties of wheat, rye, spelt and soybean. 

Our tag line of "Virginia Grown, Virginia Ground" promotes our mission to bring fresh made flours and healthy flavor- rich grains to chefs; bakers; and families living in our Mid-Atlantic region.

Principally Organic

Like so many things on the farm, our understanding of the soil food web is improving. We are committed to protecting that living soil by using organic, sustainable and regenerative practices. While each year holds opportunity to test new equipment, different rotations or new varieties of grain, some conditions won't change - Grapewood Farm will never use artificial chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or any "icky"cide on our grain or flour products.


Every grain, seed or amendment that goes into our organic fields is approved for commercial use. Additionally as part of our organic certification, Grapewood Farm undergoes a rigorous annual review by our inspection partners at PCO.  This inspection includes reviewing documentation of all products and processes used in the previous 12 months. We believe this certification is important so that our customers know they can trust our products. 

We know that our ability to grow food is critically dependent on healthy living soil.  Each field at Grapewood Farm follows a rotational schedule where harvested grain crops are alternated with polyculture cover crops that replenish nutrients, allow soils to rest, and protects this resource from erosion.  We assess conditions in each field using soil samples and this analysis help identify soil need.  

Weeds are our greatest challenge. We practice light tillage, tine harrowing, row cultivation, flame weeding, and lots of manual labor.  

Beyond the Green

As part of longer term commitment as stewards of this land we participate in various federal and state agricultural conservancy programs (CRP).  In addition to our crop land, our certified tree farm wood lots of loblolly pines and mixed hardwoods are sustainably managed for future generations.


We support native wildlife in the form of feed lots for white tail deer, wild turkey and quail population management, and habitat set-asides. As avid bird lovers we have installed wetland wood duck boxes, osprey nests and protected nesting sites for bald eagles.  


To offset carbon and move towards greener energy independence, our central processing facility (The Mill) captures rain water in 3000 gal cistern for non potable usage, and is topped with 13kW solar array.

We value our relationships with Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech, Pennsylvania Certified Organic, Virginia Identity Preserved Grains, Common Grain Alliance, Virginia Forestry Association, USDA Farm Service Agency, Nutrien AG Solutions, Coastal Agrobusiness, Organic Farmers Association of America, among many others.