Organic Grain & Stone Ground Flour

Grapewood Farm mills flour using grain grown in our organically certified fields.  We believe that providing access to this locally grown product is an important part of building a sustainable, healthier, more delicious diet for our region.

"Virginia Grown, Virginia Ground"

To preserve the freshness, our flours are milled in small batches at low temperatures and then refrigerated until shipment.  No additives, nor treatments are made to our flour.  After studying various processes, we concluded that this method is the best means for us to preserve the nutritional value and appealing flavor of our grains.


Depending upon the order, the milling is done with either a Meadows Mills 20” or 8” stone burr mill.  Our small scale allows us the flexibility to produce wide range of flours:


  • WHOLE FLOUR - Unsifted and  contains all the endosperm, germ and bran from the grind

  • CRACKED - Coarse grind to customer specifications with or without the fines

  • MEAL - Very coarse grind with fines

  • #20 FLOUR - Sifted low extraction flour with visible flakes of bran and germ.  (particle size .0410 inch / 1041 micron) 64% bran extraction.  Most often thought of as being a flour for grits.

  • #60 FLOUR - Sifted medium extract that yields flour with a smooth texture and small flakes of fine bran/germ.  (particle size .0122 inch / 310 micron) 80% bran extraction.  This grind is our most requested flour.

  • #90 FLOUR - Sifted for high extraction our extra-fine “00” pastry flour has silky texture and almost no visible bran. (particle size .0076 inches / 193 micron) 88% bran extraction.

After milling, our flour is then safely packaged, labeled and stored in walk-in cooler. 


#90 Screen

Silky smooth, similar to fine cake flour



100% nutrition and flavor 


#60 Screen

Similar to bread flour with 75% bran extraction



Coarse ground to customer specifications


#20 Screen

Sifted to extract large particles of bran



Flakes of outer bran shell for variety of uses

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