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Organic Grain & Stone Ground Flour Products

Grapewood Farm proudly offers cleaned grain berries and stone ground flour directly from our certified organic fields.  We provide access to this locally grown product as our part of building a sustainable, healthier, more delicious diet for our region.

"Virginia Grown, Virginia Ground"

Our flour products are milled in small batches at low temperatures and then refrigerated until shipment. In 2021 we launched our new and improved packaging - stand up kraft pouches with clear window and heat sealed zip top.  

Depending upon the schedule and season, our small scale allows us mill-to-order on a weekly basis.  We offer multiple screens to sift the flour into the following categories:

  • #90 Sifted Flour - The finest screen for delicate cake or pastry flour

  • #70 Sifted Flour - Our fine screen for sifted all-purpose baking flour

  • #50 Sifted Flour - Our medium screen for more nutritious all-purpose flour

  • #20 Sifted Flour - Our large screen for coarse sifted flour

  • Bran - Cleaned flakes of grain's outer hull, reserved after sifting

  • Coarse Cracked Meal - Unsifted coarse ground flour to customer specification

  • Whole Unsifted Flour - Unsifted finely ground whole grain flour 

After milling, our flour is then safely packaged, labeled and stored in walk-in cooler until shipment.  Please visit our shop to view prices and purchase currently available products. 


For larger orders or other questions please contact us by emailing  


#90 Screen




#70 Screen




#50 Screen



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