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"I know how dedicated you all are to the outstanding quality of your grains and flours. I'm always grateful to have some to bake with!"

CJ - Winthrop, ME

"Because of your farm I can live the dream of baking with local grains"

ED - Richmond, VA

"Today is our first proper batch of bread with your spelt.  It's delicious!

Great job in the field and mill!"

GN - Charlottesville, VA

"These were the best pancakes I've ever tasted. I never knew that the flour could make such a huge difference in the flavor. WOW!"

PM - Kilmarnock, VA

"It's a pleasure to mill and bake with such clean, dry grain"

JD - Washington, DC

"I've only had positive experiences thus far working with your flours! The quality is beautiful, the taste is delicious, and I feel good knowing where they came from and how much love you put into everything at the farm. It truly makes me happy to use your flour."

EJ - Charlottesville, VA

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