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Organic Danko Winter Rye

PROTEIN 9.4%  /  GLUTEN 18.4%  /  STARCH 69.1%


This Polish variety grows well in our Virginia soils, resulting in an excellent milled flour with superior baking qualities. Its earthy and uniquely complex flavor works well in sourdough breads, and is a must try for chocolate chip cookies!


Unsifted (whole) flour, sifted (#70) extract flour, and fine sifted (#90) extract flour grades are available through our online store in 1 kg and 2 kg heat-sealed bags, as well as 10kg poly-lined hand-sewed bags.   


For orders larger than 10kg, all custom milling inquiries, alternative extract sifting (#50, #20, cracked meal, etc.), or any other product, or ordering questions please don’t hesitate to contact


2023 Q3 Prices

Grain Berries

Whole Flour

Sifted #70 Flour

Fine Sifted #90 Flour

















Organic Danko Rye

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