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Organic Sungold Spelt 

PROTEIN 11.1%  /  GLUTEN 24.8%  /  STARCH 69.8%  


A robust "ancient grain" similar to wheat, bred for its hardiness and remarkable baking characteristics. We dehull the grain on-farm to maintain its freshness. The milled amber berries yield a beautiful pale golden flour with a nutty aroma. Its gluten structure provides a unique alternative to wheat, which some customers find more easily digestible.


Unsifted (whole) flour, sifted (#70) extract flour, and fine sifted (#90) extract flour grades are available through our online store in 1 kg and 2 kg heat-sealed bags, as well as 10kg poly-lined hand-sewed bags.   


For orders larger than 10kg, all custom milling inquiries, alternative extract sifting (#50, #20, cracked meal, etc.), or any other product, or ordering questions please don’t hesitate to contact


2023 Q3 Prices

Grain Berries

Whole Flour

Sifted #70 Flour

Fine Sifted #90 Flour
















Organic Sungold Spelt

  • Note:  For best results we suggest you store products in refrigerator or freezer.

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