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Reflections on the 2023 Harvest

We are happy to report that by the middle of July, all of our 2023 crops grown were harvested and safely in the barn!

Whereas farmers all over the world watch the weather forecasts to gauge when it will be the right time to harvest their crops, this year seemed to be particularly difficult for us. During the Spring the fields seemed to progress well, but by late May and June, intermittent rainstorms complicated the calculations of when the grains would be dry enough to take from the fields.

The image seems to perfectly epitomize how each harvest day seemed to play out: shown here racing to combine the spelt as storm cloud approached. Indeed, just as the combine was being put away, the first rain drops fell!

Feeling immensely fortunate,,,

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1 commentaire

19 janv.

Your flour has given us many delicious loaves of bread and other pastries as well. We are big fans of the rye and wholewheat. Thank you!

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