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East meets West with SABIT delegation visit

In February, Grapewood Farm was delighted to receive a delegation of representatives from different countries from Eurasia and South Asia: Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.   

These individuals and their translators were in the U.S. as part of the Dept of Commerce’s SABIT program (Agribusiness for Eurasia). Since the majority of them cultivated different grains in their countries, Grapewood Farm was chosen to offer the delegates a different example of organic farm management, crop yield improvement practices, market and community engagement, etc.

We organized a short program with guest speakers who addressed three main areas:

  • Soil health, organic farming, biology and conservation practices

  • Plant health, breeding, working with new varieties of grain

  • Community health, pathway to market for local grains, Common Grain Alliance

There was also a field tour, led by Fred and David, to inspect some different wheat varieties planted, discuss population counts and our tillage practices. Even though worlds apart, we still found we had much in common! At the conclusion of their visit, Aktilek Kurmanzhanov, co-founder and chief executive officer of Alpha Berries in the Kyrgyz Republic, presented a banner made of wool from sheep native to his country. What an honor!

Local reporter for the Rappahannock Record and friend, Jackie Nunnery was there and snapped some lovely pictures (for which we are extremely grateful). Check out here her full article below

Rappahannock Record Article SABIT Tour
Download PDF • 1.74MB




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1 Comment

michaelle lancaster
michaelle lancaster
Mar 01

This is amazing. I’m so proud of you. Grain is a critical staple across the globe. I’m so grateful for what your farm does.. I am so glad we found your farm and am having fun baking with your grains.

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