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Road Trip in the Time of Covid

In early June we made a road trip from Virginia to Kansas and back again…7 states, more than 2,500 miles, in 5 days …in order to bring back this GT 300 model batch grain dryer. It was certainly a long drive, but worth it to experience the geography, landscapes, cities that we passed through, or stayed, along the way: Charleston, Lexington, Louisville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Topeka. I now have a better understanding and appreciation of what flat farmland and straight roads really means! We practiced all the necessary safety and health precautions, and it was interesting (alarming?) to see how different places did or did NOT do the same. Luckily, we dodged some storms and were very relieved to arrive safely back at the farm.

This dryer hopefully will enable us to control the moisture level (and quality) of our grain crops when we harvest soon. In past years we have had to rely on Mother Nature to dry down the crop, with mixed results. Good to be home and eager to start the harvest season.

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